The Internet is a great tool for Students

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The Web is an incredible place and there are many ways in which you can take advantage of it during your time at University. You can use it for study, staying in touch, and getting organised Here are just a few tips:

Keep on Top of Your Email

This is the standard for communication online. It’s been around for ages and won’t be going anywhere soon. Your University and lecturers will most likely send you all sorts of important information straight to your inbox. You need to keep organised so you don’t miss anything. Start by creating labels, filters, folders or whatever your email service has to offer to help categorise different emails. You can have a folder for each module of your course for example.

A Great Research Tool

Doing research online is incredibly productive, there’s so much at your fingertips. There are many great online resources that let you scour for books, papers and journal entries. Depending on what you study, having access to these journals may be more important than being able to go down to the library, as books are likely to be more out-of-date. Most Universities will provide remote access to their periodicals, so it doesn’t matter where you are. You just need a computer with Internet access. The Internet also provides a gateway to many other mediums which may prove beneficial to your learning. Blog posts, podcasts and videos – while not being suitable for referencing – may help you digest the information you need to complete your assignments.


As you travel round the web use can start to curate your own bookmark list of relevant articles and snippets. This can be a really helpful resource when it comes to your assignments. If you have all the relevant sources and information nicely tagged and categorised on your bookmark list. Clever curation and a well thought out organisational structure will really prove its worth when it comes to exams and deadlines. Bookmarking can also be a great way to start where you left off between study sessions. No need to head for the search engine to find the article you were reading.

Cheap Textbooks

Even with all this information at your fingertips, sometimes it’s best just to dig into a book. If this book is something you only need for a semesters work, you’re not going to want to pay full price for it. Unless you can sell it for a reasonable price once it’s no longer needed. There are plenty of place online where you can find used books being sold very cheaply. Much of these are in very good condition and will be perfect to see you through your assignment. Ebay and the Amazon Marketplace come to mind.


The Internet is primed for connecting with new people and for staying in touch with others who may be far away. Leaving for University can be hard, especially if you’re not used to being away from friends and family. The Internet has done an incredible job of shrinking the planet and it’s never been easier to stay in touch. The obvious social networks and video chat will get you through any tough times and allow you to share your new life. On the other side of this, is meeting new people. At University you’re thrown in at the deep end and there are so many new faces. It’s not hard to make friends when everyone is in the same boat. Getting connected online is just a great way to facilitate this.

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