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I don’t know about you, but I find I don’t write the old fashioned way very much any more. I’ve even found that my handwriting, which was bad to begin with, has slowly deteriorated. (See below)

The majority of us are so much more used to typing on computer’s now. I find I can work so much faster when typing. Going digital has it’s other benefits too: You can resuse the same content over and over, rearrranging things is so much easier and if you’ve made a mistake it’s pretty easy to ammend  without making a mess.

Something I tried when I started my postgrad course was to ditch the pen and paper completely and commit to typing all my notes. After all, I’d got through most of my degree by scribbling on bits of paper and occasionally losing track of them…or even spilling something over them!

The thing is with paper is, you only get one chance and one copy. That’s not good for redundancy. What if the dog eats it?

It was time to try a new method and bring myself up-to-date with the rest of the world. If it’s on your computer you can back it up to an external drive or in the cloud. Safer, right?

Keeping things digital from the start is best because you’re ultimately likely to transfer the notes to computer anyway, and it’s easier for bringing things together when working on assignments.

To take things even further you could consider turning a blog into a notebook. Just go to any of the blogging sites to get a free blog.

You don’t even have to make it public. If you like, make it so that only you see your blog or certain people you choose. You could even run a blog as a group if you’re working on a collaborative project.

The attraction of a blog is that is really easy to keep track of things. It works like a diary but you can tag and categorise things which are relevant to each other. This way, when your new ‘notebook’ starts to get a huge wordcount you can easily find what you need.

I’ve seen this being used to keep track of a Master’s dissertation and the student himself said it was really easy, not only to keep track of exactly where he was up to, but in bringing everything together in his final writeup. The big bonus here is most of his dissertation had already been written in nugget-from as blog posts. So that daunting feeling when you’ve finished your project and need to start the writeup dissapears.

If you have any similar tips or have used a system like this, we’d love to know :)

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2 Comments → “Use a Blog As a Notebook”

  1. Ziggy

    7 years ago

    Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-exactly as infomration should be!


  2. Mark

    7 years ago

    Thanks Ziggy! We’ll try and keep it coming :)


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