The Hangover Survival Kit

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Hangover Survival Kit


We all get those days after the night before where life simply becomes unbareable due to the sheer amount of booze we’ve managed to soak through our bodies. The smart part isn’t nessecarily in watching what or how much you drink to avoid in getting in such states, it’s how you handle the hangover. Some irritating people will claim they don’t get hangovers (we call those people liars). Either that or they didn’t drink enough!

So how do we handle those times when you can’t bare to face the light of day and just want to hide from the world under the duvet and feel sorry for yourself? Being as prepared as possible is always a good way to go, but sometimes we know that’s just not going to happen. If you can make sure you have as much of the following to hand as you can, then you’ll be well on your way to recovery.


Painkillers Asprin

These are pretty crucial most of the time. You’re probably going to have a stinking headache and this is the best way to put the pain on-hold. I find that Ibuprofen works much better than Paracetamol, but whatever floats your boat.




This stuff is like magic. Drop one of these effervescent beauties in a glass of water and watch in amazement. Then drink back and absorb the goodness. Berroca is packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals to help repair your body and get you back on track. Any fizzy vitamin suplement should do the trick here though.


Glass of Ice


Just hear me out! This is a smart trick a friend taught me at uni. Stick a glass full of ice next to your bed and it’ll melt overnight. This leaves you with lovely cold water when you finally come around the next day. This will help cure your dehydration and get rid of your headache.

Eggs & Bacon

Bacon and Eggs


Once you’ve managed to sort your head out and have scraped yourself out of bed, it’s time to start thinking about filling your stomach to soak up all of that booze. ¬†Eating is one of the best things to help you get over your hangover. You’re going to need salt and protein. Eggs, bacon and some bread or toast will really help fill you up, provided you can handle eating anything. It’s a tried and tested hangover cure; the greasy spoon.


Bowl of Fruit


If you’re not ready to tackle somehting quite as challenging as the standard full english, fruit is certainly the next best thing. It’s generally easier to get down and it’s packed with goodness and plenty of water which will all help in the recovery process.

A Good Wash



Having a shower and cleaning your teeth can go a long way to making you feel better the morning after. Sometimes this is absolutely necessary if you have places to be.  There are even dedicated shower gels which are aimed at revitalising your hungover body. A quick clean of the teeth can have a huge impact too. No doubt your mouth will feel like something has died in there following your night on the juice.

These tips and tools should get you somewhere near a fresh body and mind after your evening of sin. If you have any magic ideas yourself, we’d love to hear them. Just leave them in the comments!



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