Making the most of your summer

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For students, the summer can be an incredibly long time. While you’re young and are low on responsibilities, it’s important to make the most of this. If you don’t have anything planned, it can be easy to waste the whole of your summer break. The summer before you go to university and the summers between each year may be the longest holiday you’ll ever have. When you get out the other side of the higher education system, the financial issues will kick in and you’ll be trying your best to find a full-time job.

Jobs & Work Experience

All this free time is a great opportunity to gain some experience in the field you’re looking to go into and even make some decent cash. If you’re not sure what you want to do, you can spend small chunks of your time working or volunteering in different industries to see what takes your fancy.


A holiday is a pretty traditional way to spend your summer break but students like to do things a little differently. When you’re young, you want to explore rather than relax. Why not head over to South America to do some work for charity? or spend a couple of months getting cultured in Europe. Time away is great to take your mind off things and get your head together for getting back to uni or heading out into the ‘real’ world.


Who doesn’t like music? There are so many festivals these days, to suit any taste and budget. A festival is a great way to let your hair down and enjoy yourself before getting back to all the hard work. You can also use it to spend some time and catch up with your friends back at home, if you’ve been away for most of the year. Or you can head to another part of the country with some newly-made friends from uni.


This might not come immediately to mind as most of you want to have a break when you’re on a break! But reading up on what you’re about to embark upon come the new academic year is a great way to get ahead of the class, as things really start to pile up when things get started in September.

Whatever you end up doing this summer, don’t waste it! Or do waste it! It doesn’t really matter what you do. Go out and do something crazy to get it out of your system or spend as much time as you like doing as little as possible. Let this just be some food for thought for you.

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