How to survive in a student household

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Surviving In Student Accommodation

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So you’re ready to move out of home to go to university, and you’ve found yourself out of your comfort zone sharing a flat or house with a bunch of students. It could be a difficult transition period… or it could be best time of your life! Here are our top tips on how to survive in a student household for an awesome university digs experience!

Choose the right shared student accommodation for you

Find out more about the area you’re moving to and see what students there do. If you’re moving to London, you’re going to be on the lookout for a nice flat that you can share with mates. However, it’s common for students to share a house in Newcastle rather than a flat. Think carefully about what your living budget is going to be and choose your new home somewhere close to university and also close to shops. You can save a lot by cutting out transport fees!

Find housemates with similar interests

Choosing a house or flatshare is more about your new housemates than it is about the house. Find housemates with similar interests and you’ll have an awesome time. Find people who are working in similar faculties to you, choose flatmates with similar social interests like music lovers or movie makers, and make sure that there’s a good balance between work and play. Avoid party animals and budding bass guitarists if you value your study time.

Compromise with your housemates and share spaces accordingly

The one big thing you will need to get used to in a flatshare is that shared spaces belong to everyone. That means that you’ll need to share the living room, dining room and kitchen spaces and you’ll need to compromise with your flatmates. If your flatmate has a late studying schedule, get up early to take advantage of the shower and kitchen facilities before they do. If your flatmate tends to be a bit of a night owl in the library, don’t get up early to play loud music in the living room.

Share cooking and cleaning

Devising a cooking schedule can help you to save a bit of money as you split the cost of food with your house mates. Cooking one big meal for everyone can often be a lot cheaper than cooking for one, and taking turns making dinner ends up saving you a bit of extra money. Share the cleaning too, and you’ll only have to do dishes or the vacuuming once a week.

Make small changes to save on energy

We’re not all eco-warriors but saving on energy means there’s more money in your pocket. Making small changes like showering after peak electricity hours, or only boiling as much water as you need for your coffee will make a big difference to the bills. Keep energy usage down to a minimum and you could reduce your electricity and gas usage to around £10 a week.

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