Don’t Blow Your Student Loan

September 15th, 2011 → 12:46 pm @ // No Comments

This is just about the time of year when all you students will be going crazy. You’ve either just got your student loan and you’re splashing out on all kinds of treats or you’re stressing out waiting for the moment when all those numbers pour into your bank account.

I admit it’s an amazing feeling when you get all that money at once and you feel as though you have more than enough to see you through, but trust me it’ll quickly fade if you’re not careful.

One of the great lessons of University is in managing your own life and becoming fully independent. Some of you will be used to handling that kind of responsibility but others wont. It’s all something we need to learn to survive though.

Being smart with money is all about restraint, so plan ahead and avoid temptation. As we all know, in the current state of the economy, things have to go that little bit further.

You’ve probably had to look hard at your finances before coming to University so you’ll have an idea of how hard things can get. Any over spending you do know will make you worse off later.

Be sure a budget in place to make sure you stick to it so you’re living within your means and prepare to set aside some time for a part-time job too. I avoided this in my first year but after that I worked loads up until I finished University to keep my head above water.

There is plenty of  help out there if things get tough and students are well known for their budget stretching abilities. There are also some great student money saving tips from @SaveTheStudent on their website. So be sure to check them out.


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