Dealing with Homesickness

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By now some of you will have been away from home for a week or two, maybe longer. The thrill and excitement of Freshers may have worn of and things are beginning to sink in. If you do begin to feel homesick, it’s completely natural and there are a number of things you can do to tackle it.

Make a Home from Home
If you feel comfortable in your room, it will feel more like home. Decorate and personalise to reflect your personality. Get plenty of home comforts and make the place as cozy as possible. This will help you relax and make things feel more like home.

Make Friends
Most people aren’t going to know anyone when they first move to Uni. It will take a while for you to meet people you will make good friends with, but make the effort to make as many new acquaintances as you can. In a place with so many like-minded people with many similar interests, you’re likely to make some good life-long friends at University.

Keep Busy
The busier you are, the less time you’ll have to feel homesick. Finding things to keep you busy is easy at University. Join a club or take up some activities. Make good start with your classes and find out what sorts of student activities are available and attend some meetings.

Stay In Touch
Homesickness could be more about the people than the place. You miss you friends and family. They’re all still there though and communication has never been more readily available or instant. Keeping in regular contact and making the odd trip home will help. Don’t over do it or visit home too often as this won’t deal with the problem or allow you to get settled in your new life.

If Things Get Too Much
Always let friends and family know how you’re feeling, don’t hide things and feel you have to deal with it alone. You might know people who have been through this before, who may have some good advice. There’s always professional advice at the University, they are there to help and will understand that it may be hindering your work. Homesickness is a very common problem, and the counselors at the University will know how to help.

Be sure to give yourself time. It may take an entire semester to get over feeling homesick. It takes time to adjust to major life changes like this one. Hang in there!

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