A Brief Guide For University

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Being at University will be one of the most significant times of your life. It’s one of life’s milestones, I believe. So while you’re there it’s best to make the most of it. Here are a few simple tips I feel might help you get the most out if it all.

Be Open and Ready for Anything

This is more important when you first start Uni. Get involved in as much as possible and meet as many new people as you can. Freshers is there to be taken advantage of. It’s friendly atmosphere, and with everyone being in the same boat and not knowing anyone or anything, you can easily make friends. You’ll be glad you did. I’ve made some really close friends from Uni and as in life, it’s who you know. So get to know everyone as you never know what opportunities might arise.

Face Your Fears

This kind of follows on from the first tip. If you’re more of an introvert (I am!) then meeting new people and being out of your comfort zone can be hard. Which is why, for freshers week at least, you should just dive in and try and forget your fears. Get to know your flatmates, the people on your course and join any clubs that take your fancy. Once you’ve gotten to know people, the hard work is done. It’s more difficult trying to make friends further on in the year.

Other fears might involve assessments such as presentations. I sometimes did my best to avoid them and know plenty of people who hated them too. But once you get down to it and just get on with it, you’ll feel such a relief afterwards. If you keep doing it at every opportunity the anxiety of standing up in front of everyone will fade. This isn’t just something that relates to school and uni, confidence in speaking to people is an essential life skill and will help your employment prospects. I’ve had some tough job interviews which involved multiple presentations with very little preparation. I wish I’d have practised my public speaking while I had the opportunity. You can do it!

Take On Every Opportunity
(but don’t let it get in the way of your work)

To really make the most out of University you want to get any experience you can. Even things that may not seem relevant might help you out later in life when looking for work. There are plenty of extra curicular activities you can participate in. You could volunteer or help do some research. You might have friends that need some assistance or could lend from your expertise on a project. Get involved and get your name on it. The more experience you can draw from and put on your CV, the better. Just don’t take on so much that your primary work suffers. It comes before everything else!

Try Your Absolute Best

Don’t be someone who just sails through and just does what they need to do to get through. You’re paying a hell of a lot of money to be here so get what you can out of it. Take in mind that the competition has never been hotter. There are a lot more graduates in the job market going for the same job as you than ever. A better degree will help you stand out from those who didn’t do so well. You’d hate to loose a job because the other guy got a first and even though you know you could have gotten one too, you just didn’t fancy putting in the work. Right? Don’t waste it.

Get Some Work Experience Before You’re Set Loose In The Wild

Once you graduate and plunge into the sea of people looking for work, you’ll realise how much an important requirement experience is. It’s likely you’ll be able to find some free time to go and work for free or shadow someone doing something you want to do just to get the experience. This is much easier to do when you’re a student. Make the most out of that student loan. It’s hard to give up time for free once you graduate and you don’t have that financial support any more. The fact that you are a student and still studying might make people more inclined to give you chance at some experience. If you have the chance to do a placement year, do it! This way you’ll destroy the chicken and the egg theory when it comes to work experience and getting that first job.

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