5 Tips For Freshers

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The start of a new academic year means one thing at Univertsity; Freshers Week! This is the one week of the year where normal rules don’t apply. Be sure to make the most of it :-) Here’s five tips to keep in mind.

Make Friends

Be prepared for anything and try to be as friendly and approactable as you can. It’s a scary time for every fresher and that’s a prime example to use that common ground and make new friends. Some of my best friends I met at University.

Join a Club

There’s bound to be a club, team or society for something you’re interested in. Make an effort to establish some friends outside of your house mates and course mates. The more, the better and it’s a great break from the stress of coursework later in the year.

Save Some Money

Make the most out of every deal you can. This is something I kind of regret. Virtually everywhere does student deals now so get out there and save some money! I’d recommend getting the NUS Extra card. It’s cheap and opens you up to even more deals.

Have Fun

This is so important. Freshers is the huge party before all the hard work begins!

Be Yourself

There’s no point spending the first two weeks of the year pretending you’re somebody else just to make friends. You won’t be able to keep the game up for long. Be yourself, there’s no need to be anything else.

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